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A New Name Is Born

Watch the video for the Levo Credit Union story.

A credit union by another name - but delivering the same locally focused, person-first experience of nearly 100 years! That's the Levo Credit Union experience.

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Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union has officially transitioned on September 15th!

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It's a chance to make managing your budget, your money, your life in Sioux Falls even more empowering and uplifting.

Questions about the name change? Answers below.

Definition: To raise, lift up, relieve or ease
What does Levo mean?
Levo means to elevate or lift up. It was inspired to capture the energy that a person receives from making decisions for their own financial futures and feeling confident and empowered in those decisions. Levo is an expression of the uplift you get from working with a financial institution that understands your way of life, dedicates service in a wholly localized way and strives to help you live better. All of this goes hand in hand with the Levo tagline—forward together—a perfect summation of what it means to be a part of a credit union. We feel it is a word that enhances our vision, mission and values as well as the member experience.
What does this mean for me and my accounts?
Rest assured, we’re making this transition as seamless as possible! Your account numbers and your login credentials for online banking will remain the same—the only change you should feel is visual. If you experience any other friction besides a new logo and a new website, we’re all ears! Feel free to reach out to your trusty Levo member services team at 605.334.2471.
Did Sioux Falls Fed get bought out? What’s Levo?
Nope! Sioux Falls Fed is merely getting a fresh coat of paint and a new name to better reflect not only our mission-driven focus on our members, but also to help us grow our ability to serve the community and the region well into the future! Levo is still the local, Sioux Falls credit union you’ve known and loved for the past nearly 90 years—no merger, no acquisition… just a fuller realization of who we are as an organization.
What will change for member service experience?
No phone numbers have changed, and the staff you are used to working with will still be front and center in your experience with Levo Credit Union. You can still reach out to us by all the same methods you always have—we want to ensure that there are no bumpy experiences for you in getting what you need when you need it.
How about checks—and direct deposits?
Since our routing number (and your account numbers) won’t change, your checks are still good, regardless of the name at the top of the check blank or deposit slip. No need to trash your blanks—nor fuss with changing your direct deposits from employers, either!
How about my Sioux Falls Fed debit or credit card—what should I do?
Same story—your account numbers will all remain the same, so you can continue using your Sioux Falls Fed-branded cards until it’s time to renew or we supply you a new card. Everything will still work swimmingly in the meantime—we’ve got your back!
How about hours, or access to online and mobile banking?
We probably sound like a broken record at this point, but nothing is changing about your day-to-day experience. We’ll still hold branch and drive-up hours the same way we have, and you’ll still have 24/7 access to online and mobile banking through our website and mobile app.
So why the name change?
Though the Sioux Falls Fed experience for all intents and purposes will stay the same—no change in the amazing service you’ve always received—our rebrand is primarily a way for this nearly 90-year-old institution to better reflect who we are as an organization and live out our mission of empowering people financially and uplifting community members’ goals into solutions. That’s Levo.

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Ever wonder what it is that makes a credit union tick? (Or even what it is in the first place?) You're not alone! Credit Unions are something of a hidden gem that are well worth exploring when it comes to managing your money. Let's dive in.