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Levo History

Banking with a credit union makes a big difference in your financial life. That’s why Levo Credit Union prides itself on being a community-focused, members-first institution.


The Levo Story

We’ve come a long way from our initial charter in 1934. We’ve been serving the Sioux Falls community ever since. Find out more about how we got here.

1934 - 1935

In December, 1934 the Sioux Falls U.S. Employees Federal Credit Union was organized and the charter was signed.

1936 - 1973

The first annual meeting was held in 1936. The Credit Union served the U.S. Postal Service and Government employees, including immediate family members.  The original one-room office was located in the old Post Office, which is now the Federal Building.  The office was managed completely by volunteer members.

1974 - 1981

In 1974, the Credit Union expanded its field of membership to include the EROS Data Center.  In 1976, the Credit Union moved back to the Federal Building to a larger, two-room office with a staff of two full-time and two part-time employees.  There the Credit Union grew rapidly and continually added services, increasing the assets to over $5,000,000.00 by 1981.

1982 - 1988

In March of 1982 the Credit Union moved to a new location at 412 S. First Ave, with a staff of six full-time employees and one-part time employee.

In July 1982, the Sioux Falls Teachers Credit Union merged with the U.S. Employees Federal Credit Union and the name was changed to Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union.

In October 1982, the Central Plains Clinic joined our field of membership along with the Harrisburg School System and the Blue Shield Office.

By April 1984, the Credit Union had grown to $9,600,000.00 with a staff of one-part-time and eleven full-time.

In October 1984, the Sioux Valley Medical Federal Credit Union merged with the Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union.

By December of 1984, the Credit Union had achieved $10,000,000.00 in assets and had added another full-time employee.

1989 - 1991

In 1989, SFFCU moved into a newly constructed building at 700 E 14th Street.  The staff consisted of twenty-two full-time, two part-time, and two temporary employees.

1992 - 1997

In November of 1992 we opened a Southwest Branch Office located at 5107 W 41st St., Suite 4.  The staff consisted of three full-time employees, which has since expanded to eleven.

1998 - 2000

In October of 1998, we became a community charter credit union, allowing us to serve an even larger population base.

In early 1999 we purchased land for a permanent branch office in the southwest part of town, and opened our new Meadows On The River branch in November of 1999.

2001 - 2012

Our South Cliff Branch was opened in September 2001 with a staff of five people, which has now expanded to 7. In August 2009 the office was moved to a more visible location at 3405 S Cliff Avenue. The South Cliff Branch was the first branch converted to an innovative retail approach to working with members.  This approach incorporates relationship marketing into all aspects of the branch from it’s unique interior design and layout to staffing and member services.

Our Arrowhead branch opened in June 2010.  The Arrowhead branch provides members with a personal touch incorporating the concepts of relationship marketing.  Besides the Branch Manager and the drive-up employees, all other staff are Member Service Officers – they do it all from greeting members as a receptionist, to handling transactions, to opening accounts, and making loans.  This unique retail approach provides members with personal service with each and every visit. 

2013 - 2016

Air Guard Federal Credit Union was chartered on April 5, 1956 by a handful of concerned members to provide financial services to military and civilian personnel of the South Dakota Air National Guard.  On February 1, 2013, Air Guard FCU merged with SFFCU and today serves as one of our branch locations.

2017 - 2021

Sioux Falls FCU opened their sixth Sioux Falls location, the South Louise Branch, conveniently located at 4701 S Louise Avenue.  Uniquely designed to meet the banking needs of current members and area residents, this branch is equipped with a 24-hour ATM, three drive-up teller windows, Night Drop, self-service coin counting machine, and knowledgeable, friendly staff are ready to service all members. 

2021 - Today

Sioux Falls FCU changes it’s name to Levo Credit Union entering into a new era. Levo is an expression of the uplift you get from working with a financial institution that understands your way of life, dedicates service in a wholly localized way and strives to help you live better. All of this goes hand in hand with the Levo tagline—forward together—a perfect summation of what it means to be a part of a credit union. Not-for-profit, member-owned and benefiting the members before corporate interests.