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Online Banking|

Card Controls

Wherever you are, you deserve a peek at your finances. Luckily, your Levo Credit Union accounts are accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone—online or through our mobile app.


Control & Customization

Don’t like what you see? Change it up! Your new online banking platform has control and customization features to make your home screen ideal for the way you use it. Show only the accounts and activity you need at a glance, and name them whatever you want—it’s your call.

Block & Unblock Card Usage

With a single touch on your screen, you can lock your checkcard until you want to use it.  When you’re ready to make a purchase or withdraw cash from an ATM, just slide your finger across the screen and instantly activate the card. 

Mobile Access

Take your credit union on the go—the Levo mobile app comes with the capabilities of the online platform, in addition to mobile remote check deposit through your smartphone or tablet’s camera.

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Online Banking

The online banking platform is the perfect destination for tracking your transactions, setting up transfers, making payments to your Levo loans and access your interest information come tax-filing time.

NOTICE: We encourage you to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge for online banking. Internet Explorer is not recommended as it has limited support.