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It is this time of year when skipping a payment can often be just the thing that gets us through the holidays. Contact us today if you'd like to skip a payment in November or December.

Need a Payment break?

Most of us could use extra cash around the holidays and Levo Credit Union's Skip-A-Payment lets you do just that in November or December on every qualifying Levo Credit Union loan.

How to get started: Login to your online banking or call us, at 605-334-2471.

Online Banking Instructions:

  1. Login
  2. Click on the "My Services" Tab
  3. Find Skip-A-Pay from the list
  4. Click continue
  5. Click your eligible loan type
  6. Follow the prompts

NOTE: If you have loans financed elsewhere you may be able to lower your rate and payment by refinancing with Levo and delay your first payment up to 45 days.

*Some restrictions apply. Subject to approval. You must be current on your loan and be a member in good standing at the time your request is received.