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Do you love giving to your community? So do the folks at Levo Credit Union! Learn how we give back, and discover how being a member can open the door for charitable opportunities.

Life is all about balance—and when you’ve got a charitable way about you, not only are you helping out your neighbors, but you’re also setting yourself up with like-minded folks who also happen to care about giving back. That’s a hallmark of our credit union, in fact—we’re a community-based financial institution that has a particular tendency toward community service and giving back. So if that’s something you value, becoming a member is probably right up your alley. Let’s talk about what makes our credit union such a great place for charitable acts. It’s a long-standing tradition that credit unions across the United States write community service right into their missions. In fact, Levo Credit Union’s two pillars of foundational giving are financial education and team member involvement in local nonprofits thanks to our volunteer time off program.

So what does this look like exactly? Well, some of the ways that Levo in particular lives out its mission of giving back is through programs like Junior Achievement, which promotes and inspires financial health in area youth and Adopt a Classroom, which rewards teachers with much-needed out-of-pocket classroom funding. A lot of the reason that credit unions are so much more likely to emphasize community giving than your average financial institution is that they’re not-for-profit. Just community members focused on giving great service and member experience.

Oh, and did we mention that Levo is member-owned? Which means that we answer to you, the very people who bank with us! The communities in which people live, work and worship have a direct impact on the success of Levo Credit Union, so our leadership is motivated more than ever to make sure the neighborhoods around us are flourishing financially, with high quality of life. So in terms of the give-back game, Levo Credit Union is sort of in a class by itself. You’re not likely to find a much more charitable, kind-hearted fleet of folks with a taste for volunteering than the people who make up your own local credit union. So let’s get our hands dirty together—there’s lots of good to be done.

Let’s Make the Next Move

As you can see, there’s a lot to love and learn when you join Levo Credit Union. And that doesn’t stop here. Join today and live your best life – the Levo way!