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Today Levo honors all veterans with the story of one VERY service-oriented Levo member family. The Dellman family has 9 – count ‘em, 9! – veterans in their clan.

Top row from left: Cheryl Dellman-Gillen,  Carl Dellman, Beth Dellman-Schmidt, Mike Dellman. Bottom row from left: Kathleen Dellman-Metzger, Andy Dellman, Carl Dellman, Jr., Ethan Dellman,  and David Dellman.

The miliary tradition started when Carl Dellman, Junior, joined the National Guard in 1952 and served for 40 years.

“When he retired he said that he never had to go to work in one day of his career,” says daughter Beth Dellman-Schmidt. “He loved his job.”

Carl served as a mentor to many young people, including his 8 kids. They saw the opportunities the military provided him and how rewarding service was.

“Wanting to make a difference. Being a civil servant and serving others. The sky was the limit with the military and you could dream your own path,” says Beth.

In time, 6 of Carl’s 8 kids joined the South Dakota Air National Guard. And the tradition didn’t end there.

2 of Carl’s grandkids also joined the Air Guard.

All of them have also been lifelong members of Levo Credit Union.

And they all love to smile.

“He would always tell us ‘keep smiling’, so we do,” says Beth. “We are living on in his tradition in so many ways.”

In the Dellmans’ honor – and to honor all who have served and are currently serving - the Levo Cares Foundation is donating $1,000 to the Sioux Falls Airshow in the Dellmans’ name.

Levo would like to thank all our veterans who have served, are serving and will serve. Your dedication and sacrifice are amazing. We’ve created a photo collage to honor staff, staff family, and member veterans.