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Levo Was There When Others Weren't

HubSpot Video

When member Caitlin Rothschadl needed a financial help for a wonderful but unexpected reason, she says Levo was there when others weren’t – and that Levo continues to step up in life’s big moments. Watch the video to hear how Levo helped her become a mom. Learn more about Levo’s personal loan options here.

Video Script:

Jenn Hartman, Branch Manager: Caitlin’s situation was she had applied for a loan to help with adopting a daughter.

Caitlin Rothschadl: I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was her age. When we found out we couldn’t conceive on our own it was really hard. It was one of the darkest places I’ve ever been in. so when I found out that she could be a possibility I was filled with hope.

Jenn: They found out about halfway through pregnancy that they were doing to be able to adopt and private adoptions are pretty spendy so she reached out to see if she could get a personal loan.

Caitlin: We didn’t have a lot of time. We really had very little and we didn’t have anything saved up for private adoption so we didn’t intend to privately adopt. How are we going to make this happen in a short amount of time.// It was a last ditch effort, how are we going to qualify for a loan, I started to search online and my husband and I kind of looked at each other and said why don’t we pursue Levo, it’s possible they will fund this for us and help us get through this battle.

Jenn: We were able to help the financial burden of finding the money to adopt a daughter so she could reach her dream of becoming a mom. OR We were able to give her the money she needed to adopt her daughter.

Caitlin: I’m pretty sure after I got off the phone I just burst into tears. How did we get so lucky a to bring her home and b to be financially secure in that process.

Jenn: It feels great. I’m always going to remember this situation because we were able to help her become a mom. That was one of her dreams and she’s now able to live her dreams because we were able to help her with the financial aspect so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Caitlin: I will say we’re not the best at time management or bill management. The great thing is you get bhiend somewhere else maybe a car payment or something like that it’s the next day that payment is late they are hounding you 17 calls a day you need to pay this. It has always been so easy going with Levo, I’ve always felt like a person.

Ashlee: Caitlin had a signature loan with us and a checking account that had fallen behind – I reached out to her via email and phone call she told me she was having some time issues. // I told her as long as she stayed in good communication with me and I knew what was going on it would be fine.

Caitlin: It’s always as if the clientele here is humans. They understand human error they understand we have those situations where we can’t alaway pay when they expect it they know about our adoption they know what we are using that money ofr and b we get it we know life happens and we are here to support you through that.

Ashlee: I take an interest in their lives above and beyond just collecting on that bill. //

Caitlin: I think that’s pretty special. Not every instituation will do that.