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Operation Hope & Caring

We have a passion for kids. Help us raise money for children most affected by poverty. Funds will go towards school lunches, school supplies, winter clothes and more.

Join us in helping kids to level the playing field!

47% of school kids need help paying for things many take for granted. This means they might not have money for school lunch, school supplies, winter boots, field trips, or washing their clothes. But you can help level the playing field by participating in some fun and practical ways. Join Levo Credit Union, The Sioux Falls Storm and Air Madness in this great effort.

Watch the 2023 Results here >>>


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Proceeds go to:

Ways we've helped:

Each dollar provides for more of a well-rounded school experience for local elementary and middle school students who can't generally afford certain opportunities.
Kids can experience field trips which provide invaluable opportunities to learn proper social behavior and expand their vocabulary in ways that may not be possible otherwise. Additionally, this program enables children to access warm, clean clothing and receive lice kits when necessary. Many schools have been able to purchase washers and dryers which have aided in specific needs.

How can I participate?

We would love nothing more than to give thousands to help our kids. Here's how YOU can help!


Make a Financial Donation

Make a monetary donation...sometimes cash is just easier, so here's a way for you to make that donation.


Thank you for your participation!



Join the Perk-o-lation nation!

Coffee lovers – caffeinate for a cause! We have coffee that serves a purpose, so pick up a bag that is sure to double your pleasure. You get to help kids while enjoying a flavorful cup of coffee. It's a special blend created by our very own local Dunn Bros coffee.

  1. $10 | Perky Coffee: Special 12 oz. blend made by our very own local Dunn Brothers and/or
  2. $20 | Big Frig Mug: 20 oz. mugs that keep hot things hot and cold things cold

Coffee and mugs can be picked up at any Levo branch location.

100% of the gross proceeds will be donated to Operation Hope & Caring.


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Attend the Game

Friday, May 3, 2024 at 7:05 PM at the Sanford Premier Center

Enjoy some local football that supports local kids. Bring your friends and family out for a night of food, field goals, and fanfare.

50% of the net proceeds will be donated to Operation Hope & Caring.


*Group tickets are available. Please contact: Stephanie Richter at


loads of hope - detergent drop off

January - February

In the past years, schools have used funds from Operation Hope & Caring to purchase washers and dryers to help kids who need a little extra care and attention with their clothes. To sustain this cause, schools need detergent. Consider donating today.

Drop off detergent at any Levo branch location.

100% of the detergent will be donated to Sioux Falls Elementary & Middle Schools.



Tuesday, February 20, 2024 from 10AM-7PM
Sorry, You missed this one!

You can help school kids in need, just by having fun! Bring your kids to Air Madness and receive discounts on admission and numerous concessions. 

100% of the net proceeds will be donated to Operation Hope & Caring.



What better way to hear about Operation Hope & Caring than from the recipients themselves.

Stacy Stephani
Cleveland Elementary School Principal

Derek Maassen 
Hayward Elementary School Principal

Stephanie Jones
Hawthorne Elementary School Principal


It's so fun when we receive thank you notes from the kids we help! This class decided that many kids needed new socks, so each child receiving a pair, colored a thank you page to Operation Hope & Caring. Thanks for helping us make a difference! Even socks can help!