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Fraud is on the rise!

A scammer is sending members and non-members text messages that look like they’re from Levo. Remember, Levo won’t text or email you for personal financial info. If you receive a text or email requesting it, don’t click or reply! – and even if you already did click, we can assist. Call us at (605) 334-2471 for security help.

This is referred to as phishing. Check out our blog for more information about how to spot a financial scam.

Here’s what the scam looks like:  

You get a text message informing you your card was added to a strange vendor’s point of sale software. The text asks you to click on a link to unlink their card. Don’t click or reply!!

Scam text that is NOT from Levo:


When Levo sends you a text message, it will come from a 1-800 number to verify and give you an option to opt out – NOT a link. It also will have the last four digits of your card number. Example of a text from Levo: