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Why Mobile Wallet? Four Reasons to Start Using the Tech That’s Already in your Pocket

It’s simply a fact of modern life: We keep our whole lives inside our smartphones. Our loved ones’ phone numbers. Our emails. Our business information. Maps. That funny meme we’re going to send to our group chat. Why not keep our credit union there, too? With the power of Mobile Wallet and your Levo credit and debit cards, you can.

It’s human nature to feel a little dubious when you consider trying something new, so we’d like to put your mind at ease. There are a number of big benefits for choosing to use your Mobile Wallet (which is probably already installed on your phone). Here are four highlights.


  1. It’s convenient. Wherever you can use your phone, you can use Mobile Wallet.
    Think of the last time you ran out of the house without your wallet. Now, try to think of the last time you went anywhere without your phone. See what we’re getting at?

    Not only are you less likely to leave your phone where you can’t access it, but more and more retail and dining locations also accept electronic payments. Try it out next time you’re at the grocery store and see for yourself.

  2. It lets you centralize. Keep your cards in one spot.
    Speaking of that wallet: The more credit cards, debit cards, store cards, discount cards, etc. you cram into it, the bigger it gets. And the more chances you have to lose financial information that’s important to you.

    With Mobile Wallet, you can keep all of your cards in one spot and never worry about losing them. Plus, your phone fits inside your pocket or purse the same way no matter how many cards you load into Mobile Wallet.

  3. Security: Mobile cards are harder to steal than physical cards.
    First of all, as we mentioned up above, you’re probably less likely to lose or misplace your phone than you are one of your financial cards. Second, if a criminal does happen to get ahold of your phone, they’re going to need your passcode or your face (for facial recognition software) to access any of the information inside—and that includes your Mobile Wallet.

    In other words, your phone’s existing security features put an extra layer between your money and those who would take it from you.

  4. It’s a popular way to pay.
    When it comes to Mobile Wallet and accepting electronic payments, the future is now. Most retailers accept payments from Mobile Wallet—and the big tech companies all support the service.


Mobile Wallet is a an easy, convenient, secure way for you to pay for almost anything—almost anywhere. We hope you’ll consider leveraging the power of your Mobile Wallet app in concert with the power of your Levo credit and debit cards.

When you’re ready to set up your Mobile Wallet. If you’re getting stuck while trying to use Mobile Wallet—or simply have questions—please visit us at a branch location or call 605-334-2471.