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Levo Credit Union: A Look Back on a Memorable Year

If you’ve been in touch with us in the past three or four months, odds are you might have an awareness of a great deal of change that we’ve undergone rather recently. Our 80-plus-year history stepped into a new phase when we adopted the name Levo Credit Union. And as we look back on quite an eventful year, we thought we’d shared our thoughts on what this change took, what it means and how it will impact our future as a member-owned organization.

We sat down with our VP of Marketing and Business Development, Joey Rotert, to talk about the year that brought us our new name.

The Response

We were so gratified to see the new name and new look embraced by so many members and parts of the larger community. In particular, it was exciting to see people relate to and understand how all this newness fit into who we’ve always been.

JR: “Many members loved the new name and were proud to be part of an organization being more well-known and standing out in the community. One member stated that it felt warm and inviting, and particularly liked the path of arrows, knowing life changes on a dime and we aren’t always moving in a straight line—it almost sounded like they were in the meetings with us when we described who we are as an organization.”

The Bigger Picture

But 2021 brought us more than just a name change and a new look and style—it also brought the addition of other important aspects of member experience, as well as an increased philanthropic reach. Technology enhancements brought video chat to our member service offerings and an updated online banking experience. Not to mention the return of Night of Hope and Caring and $5,000 in community scholarships, as part of the Levo Foundation.

The Future

When it comes to plotting out what the future looks like for Levo Credit Union, it’s not only bright, but also firmly rooted in reflecting the members that make it what it is—and that’s not changing. So what can the community expect from Levo in 2022? The future holds a new branch, continuously added member benefits and an upgraded online banking experience, to name a few.

JR: “Levo isn’t just a name—it is leveraging our culture and our mission to enhance member experience by offering convenience and knowledge to our members. (#LiveLoveLevo) We are different—banking is easy with Levo. Let us show you the Levo Difference.” 

Here’s to an incredible year ahead—stay posted on everything that Levo has in store for your financial wellbeing at