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5 Smart Credit Card Tips for the Holidays

Every year, the holiday season is accompanied by the peak of shopping season. People spend a little bit more—often on a credit card. Levo is here to give you a gift of our own, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you handle your holiday spending.

Check out our five smart credit card spending tips for the holidays.

Put It on the Card (Responsibly)

Everyone plans to spend money over the holidays—why not get rewarded for it? With a Better Rewards Visa® Credit Card from Levo, your holiday purchases will build points that can earn you cash, gift certificates, airfare and travel rebates. Visit our credit cards page to learn how our card can earn you more for your purchases. And as always, remember to spend responsibly. 

Use for Online Purchases

Unlike debit cards, credit cards don’t automatically withdraw money from a deposit account. This makes them an ideal way to protect your actual funds when shopping online. Make all of your holiday purchases from a single credit card when shopping on the web this holiday season to limit the potential damage if your information is compromised.

Check Your Limits

The holiday season inspires us all to spend a significant amount of money over a short period of time. All too often, credit card customers fail to check their limits and end up going beyond them. Avoid the headache this year by checking your card limits ahead of your shopping spree so you can buy with ease. 

Follow Your Balance

With so much money changing hands over the holidays, credit card fraud can run rampant. Protect yourself from fraudulent charges by checking your credit card balance often. For added security, make sure to use the “card controls” feature on our mobile app. With one touch of your screen, you can lock your checkcard until you want to use it. When you’re ready to make a purchase, just slide your finger across the screen and instantly reactivate the card.

Shop on Secure Websites

Avoid giving out your credit card information to questionable websites. Remember to check the URL for the “S” at the end of “HTTP.” This shows that it is a safe and secure website to submit payment information to. You’ll also want to ensure that the payment form is secured by a reputable web-security company, such as Verisign or Comodo.

Don’t let your credit card spending put a damper on your happiness this holiday season. By using these smart spending tips, you can avoid fraud, track your card and spend responsibly. Happy shopping and happy holidays from Levo!